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With a constant changing environment we  provide advisory, consultancy and market know how enabling financial institutions to excel within current markets. We cover the entire investment management process and are able to assist your firm in every step of the investment lifecycle from front office technologies, through midoffice processes all the way to the back office and the accounting book of record. Ensuring that your organisation can focus on your key business.

Cash and Collateral Management – defining a collateral roadmap

For a large European asset manager we have assessed the current processes and infrastructure for liquidity, cash and margin/collateral management. The request was for increased liquidity and availability of collateral according to the cheapest to deliver method.
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Margin and Collateral Management – Increase Usage & Benefits Of Invested Securities

For a large asset manager faced with escalated funding requirement in cash for the fulfillment of margin requirement for exchange traded and none instrument instruments we investigated how to increase the usages and benefits of invested securities.
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Collateral Management – Improve Collateral Process & Time

The Collateral process of a Dutch Asset Manager was labor intensive, error prone and a time consuming activity. The request was to increase the STP/ automation rate of the Collateral process, to be able to quicker send out Margin Calls and Collateral Reports and to increase the robustness in the Collateral process.
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Front Office – Pretrade Compliance & Straight Through Processing

A large Asset Manager needed a solid infrastructure and a controlled system environment to maintain the client’s position as a state of the art and competitive Asset Manager. The goal was to increase pre-trade compliance monitoring, Straight Through Processing and overall performance stability for Front Office environment.
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Fund Accounting – Rationalizing Fund Management / UCITS

In July 2014, the Dutch regulator imposed more stringent regulations on Dutch Investment Funds. The rule the client used was the following: as all funds in the Dutch range were non-UCITS, the client had to comply to AIFMD or UCITS. After a thorough analysis, client made the decisions to place the majority of there funds in the UCITS regime, both a commercial and regulatory decision.
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Fund Accounting – Streamlining Client NAV Processes

A leading Dutch Asset Manager requested us to with the following request on their NAV processes;

  • Rationalization of NAV and rebalancing processes was needed due to a multi client structure.
  • Deep analysis of NAV process and used cost structures.
  • Realize a reduction in FTE’s after implementing the solution.
  • To be able to onboard more clients, process needed to be streamlined.
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Fund Accounting – Improvement of NAV Calculation Process & Time

A leading Dutch Asset Manager requested us to with the following request on their NAV processes;

  • NAV calculation was labor intensive, error prone and time consuming activity.
  • To increase the STP/ automation rate of the NAV process.
  • To be able to quicker release NAV data.
  • Increase the robustness in the NAV process.
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Cut Fund Costs & Lower Expense Ratio

A large asset manager within the retirement services was hit with escalating regulatory costs and services fees and In-transparency and in-ability to allocate cost components. Request was to be able to answer the question how funds are spend and respond to pressure from clients of asset manager to cut costs and lower total expense ratio.
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